Casement windows

Without a doubt, casement windows are among the most popular window models on the market. Practical and elegant, they go well with all types of decor. Fenplast’s opening and closing mechanisms—known for their strength and durability—mean that these windows will be quality additions to your home. Fenplast casement windows are available in two series: ISO and ECO.

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Awning windows

Fenplast awning windows are a modern and original alternative to traditional casement windows. Designed to offer the same thermal and sound insulation as casement windows, they add contemporary flair to homes. They can be combined with other types of windows to create a unique style that will make your house stand out.

Sliding windows

Fenplast sliding windows are available with two moving shutters or with one. The two movable flaps of the double sliding window allow ventilation on the left or right side and they tilt inward for easy handling during cleaning, without having to remove them from the frame. With a single moving shutter that makes it more economical, the simple sliding window is a marvel of simplicity and sobriety. The fixed sealed unit is maintained not in a shutter, but by the frame of the window itself, as well as by the mullion. You can specify the operating side according to your needs.

Guillotine windows

A new spin on an old classic. Inspired by windows in traditional English architecture, Fenplast vertical sliding windows combine timeless elegance with the efficiency of a product manufactured according to the most rigorous modern standards. Every detail has been redesigned with energy conservation and waterproofing in mind. Fenplast offers models with one or two moveable sashes to which various features can be added: grilles, mullions, and interior and exterior finishes.

Hybrid windows

Fenplast’s Eco range of hybrid windows was designed to offer the ideal compromise between the energy efficiency of PVC and the strength of aluminum. In addition to being produced using the latest energy-saving technologies and techniques, hybrid windows have a contemporary aesthetic. With their sleek lines, these windows are a favourite among homeowners and designers who want to achieve a current look.

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Bay windows

A bay window is an arrangement of windows that projects outwards from the walls of a building, creating a light-filled alcove inside. Choose between a bay window (three sections) or a bow window (four or more sections) to make your house stand out. Available in a variety of interior finishes—such as oak, pine, or laminate—it will dramatically enhance the overall look of your home and provide unmatched brightness.